Thursday, January 30, 2014

Raffle Prize - sneak peek

Hey girls - want a sneak peek of one of the fabulous raffle prizes you'll get a chance to bid on this February at camp? Here is a 'resolution basket', filled with workout goodies! No, the shoes aren't included, but I just had to put them in the picture - they were my inspiration for the basket after all. 

I got lock laces for my running shoes a couple months ago. I love them so much, I created an entire prize basket around them. My shoes stay snug throughout my workout and my laces will never come untied again. I know, I sound like some infomercial, but seriously - love them! 

The raffle basket includes pink lock laces, a running belt, water bottle and bib tags to attach a race number (instead of pinning a race bib through your shirt).
Can't wait for camp!  

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