Monday, November 25, 2013

3D elephant pillow

How cute is this guy! I finished my first pink/gray project over the weekend. Though there's just a hint of pink under the ear, I might add a little more pink into his smile eventually. It didn't show up well in the pictures, but he's got a little embroidery grin. The body is made of a really soft knit material that I think might be a Minky knockoff and the other accents are a mix of cotton and corduroy. Most fabrics I just picked up in the clearance section, nothing fancy. The font fabric on the ear came from - it's Michael Miller Just My Type and I plan to use quite a bit more of it! I'm going with an elephant to match my room theme, but you could use any basic animal shape to make the project your own!
This elephant stands about 16 inches tall/3.5 inches deep and will make a great accent pillow.
1: I started out by sketching the outline of an elephant and an ear. Cut 2 ear pieces and 2 body pieces from med weight fusible interfacing.
2: Add a 1/2 inch seam allowance to the sketches. Cut 2 inner ear, 2 outer ear and 2 body pieces.
3: Fuse interfacing to each outer ear piece and each body piece.
4: Stitch around round part of ears, leaving straight side un-sewn. Clip curves.
5: Turn ears right side out.
6: Press the seam allowance on the straight side of the ears into the ear. Stitch along the straight edge of the ears. (I should have shot a few more pics for these instructions!)
7: Pin the ears to the body and sew just along the top 2 inches so that the ear is floppy.
8: If you want to add an eye and mouth, now is the time to do it.
9: I decided I wanted the pillow about 3-4 inches deep, so I made a really long strip of 4.5 inch corduroy. I didn't measure it precisely, just walked it around the edge of the elephant shape until it looked like it would be long enough to complete the 3D effect. Onto the corduroy strip, I fused several pieces of 3.5 inch med weight interfacing.
10: Attach the body pieces to each side of the 4.5 inch strip. Don't forget to leave an un-sewn area large enough to turn the pillow inside out. Sew just along the outside of the interfacing and your pillow will sit up very nicely. This part stinks. Sewing the knit fabric to the corduroy along a bunch of curves is wretched. You just kind of have to jump in there and do it. Some times I'll sew 5-6 inches, cut the threads and flip it right side out to make sure I'm on track. That way I don't have to rip out so much area when I screw up. And I do screw up. There are definitely some wobbly areas on the elephant's trunk that I've decided to embrace! 
11: Turn the case inside out and stuff with batting. I stuffed mine pretty densely so it would stand up nicely.
12: Hand stitch the last 5 inches to keep the stuffing from spilling out.

I think I'm going to get started on this guy's baby brother next!


Unknown said...

That is the cutest elephant ever! Love the bumpy gray material.

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