Monday, November 25, 2013

3D elephant pillow

How cute is this guy! I finished my first pink/gray project over the weekend. Though there's just a hint of pink under the ear, I might add a little more pink into his smile eventually. It didn't show up well in the pictures, but he's got a little embroidery grin. The body is made of a really soft knit material that I think might be a Minky knockoff and the other accents are a mix of cotton and corduroy. Most fabrics I just picked up in the clearance section, nothing fancy. The font fabric on the ear came from - it's Michael Miller Just My Type and I plan to use quite a bit more of it! I'm going with an elephant to match my room theme, but you could use any basic animal shape to make the project your own!
This elephant stands about 16 inches tall/3.5 inches deep and will make a great accent pillow.
1: I started out by sketching the outline of an elephant and an ear. Cut 2 ear pieces and 2 body pieces from med weight fusible interfacing.
2: Add a 1/2 inch seam allowance to the sketches. Cut 2 inner ear, 2 outer ear and 2 body pieces.
3: Fuse interfacing to each outer ear piece and each body piece.
4: Stitch around round part of ears, leaving straight side un-sewn. Clip curves.
5: Turn ears right side out.
6: Press the seam allowance on the straight side of the ears into the ear. Stitch along the straight edge of the ears. (I should have shot a few more pics for these instructions!)
7: Pin the ears to the body and sew just along the top 2 inches so that the ear is floppy.
8: If you want to add an eye and mouth, now is the time to do it.
9: I decided I wanted the pillow about 3-4 inches deep, so I made a really long strip of 4.5 inch corduroy. I didn't measure it precisely, just walked it around the edge of the elephant shape until it looked like it would be long enough to complete the 3D effect. Onto the corduroy strip, I fused several pieces of 3.5 inch med weight interfacing.
10: Attach the body pieces to each side of the 4.5 inch strip. Don't forget to leave an un-sewn area large enough to turn the pillow inside out. Sew just along the outside of the interfacing and your pillow will sit up very nicely. This part stinks. Sewing the knit fabric to the corduroy along a bunch of curves is wretched. You just kind of have to jump in there and do it. Some times I'll sew 5-6 inches, cut the threads and flip it right side out to make sure I'm on track. That way I don't have to rip out so much area when I screw up. And I do screw up. There are definitely some wobbly areas on the elephant's trunk that I've decided to embrace! 
11: Turn the case inside out and stuff with batting. I stuffed mine pretty densely so it would stand up nicely.
12: Hand stitch the last 5 inches to keep the stuffing from spilling out.

I think I'm going to get started on this guy's baby brother next!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I'm getting ready for tons of sewing projects in the next few months. Winter is a good time to be stuck inside with my sewing machine, right? I've been dreaming up a room in pinks and grays. I finally took the plunge and ordered up my fabric last week. There's at least two dozen yards of cute textures and patterns, I can't wait to see what they all get turned into!!

In my glass - red wine, no label
In my ear - White Collar

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ruffled Jean Skirt

Not much time open for crafting these days, but I did manage to get a little sewing done over the last... well... three months. Yeah, I know, that's a long time for three little projects. Good news is, they're all done now so I wanted to share a couple of the pictures.

I made two skirts from some old holy jeans the kids had laying around. The hardest part of the project was recreating the center seam once the jeans were cut apart. I cut the jeans a little longer than the final length, then ripped out the center seam of the jeans. Next step is wrestling with all the thick jean folds, adding a small piece of jean scrap in the center and sewing it all flat. MAJOR PAIN. Luckily, these jeans had white seams already, so no special thread was needed, I just sewed over the seam a couple times to give it the look of a thicker jean thread. Once the jeans were put together, I cut across the bottom of the skirt to even up the bottom. Be careful to leave some seam allowance area on the back of the skirt, leaving at least an inch below the back pockets.

Next up - super easy step, making the ruffled layers. These strips of fabric were cut at 3.5, 6.5 and 9.5 inches. I held these strips up to my skirt until they went around the skirt width about one and a half times, then sewed them in three separate circles. Each circle was serged at the bottom edge, but you could zigzag them too.

The three circles were then basted together (at the top, where they'll attach to the jean part of the skirt) to create a stack of circles. The baste stitch was pulled to gather the ruffles. With right sides together, the jean was sewn to the ruffles. After pressing flat on the right side, I added a topstitch on jean part of skirt. Again I ran over the stitch twice to mimic the thicker jean thread. Very excited that it's finally finished!   

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Rainbow Baby Taggie

I finished up a couple craft projects this weekend. One was a taggie for my friend's rainbow baby. I am very excited that she is expecting again after her loss last year.

I kept trying to think of ways to use the ribbon in a rainbow pattern and came up with a couple layouts. The tags are in the middle of the blanket instead of at the top, but I just liked them better that way. I had enough scraps for a second taggie that I'll put up in my Etsy store.

These started out as two 13 x 13" squares of fabric and turned out shy of 12" square once finished.

Let me tell you, that minky fabric is super cuddly, but it absolutely stinks to sew with. I did spring for two bucks worth of wash away stabilizer to applique the clouds onto each blanket and ended up using strips around the edge of the blanket to try to keep my thread from breaking. It was better than sewing the fabric on it's own, but not by much. I don't play well with knits in general, but the job got done.

I hope you like it R - and I can't wait to see that beautiful baby!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pink Pink Pink! scrapbook pages

Here are some super girly birthday pages. I added a ton of little embellishments including a couple old acrylic arrows. I couldn't resist painting them with a glitter glue to add just a little more bling. 

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Merry Christmas - 12" pages

Here are a couple pretty simple Christmas pages. I like how they turned out with just a couple really simple embellishments. I added a few lines of red stitches on the sewing machine to wrap it up. 

white background sheets (2) 12"
black frames (4) 4.25 x 6.25" and (1) 4.25 x 5"
yellow paper 11 x 5"
yellow paper 4 x 5"

Thursday, February 21, 2013

School - 12" pages

I picked up these adorable school stickers from Imaginisce and whipped up a few double page layouts. Here's one of them. I keep flip flopping on which page should be on the left and which should be on the right. Oh well, cute either way.

(2) 12" background pages
(2) 4.5 x 6.5" yellow frames
(1) 5.5 x 7.5" yellow frames
(2) 4 x 6" white frames
(1) 5 x 7" white frames
(2) 3.25" squares
7 x 10.5" blue paper
(3) 4 x 4" blue paper in various patterns


Friday, February 15, 2013

Give - Christmas Scrapbook Pages

This was a very simple layout, but when it comes to Christmas pictures, I seem to have way too many keepers so I have to cram them all together when I get the chance.

(2) brown 12" background pages
cream frames:
(2) 6.125 x 4.125"
(1) 4.125 x 4.125"
(3) 3.125 x 4.125"
(3) 3.625 x 4.125"
cream circle 7.5"

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Just Chillin' - 12" pages

Here is a lively double page layout in contrast to the drab winter photos that I'll be tacking onto these frames. The just chillin' quote was cut using the Create a Critter cart and the snowflakes were cut from Doodlecharms cart.

Left Page
Snowman 12 x 8"
Snowflake 12 x 4"
Green Frames (3) 6 x 4"
White Frame 6 x 4"

Right Page
Snowflake 12 x 3"
Pink 12 x 9"
Snowman 2 x 3"
White Frames (2) 4 x 4.5"
Yellow Frame 6 x 7"

Friday, February 1, 2013

Scrap Camp Results - Jan 2013

Thanks to everyone for joining me this past weekend for another successful Scrap Camp. Through your generous donations, we'll be sending $764.28 to the Cannonsburg Elementary PTC! I hope everyone had a good time, got caught up on some pictures and had a few laughs along the way.

The following companies graciously contributed to this event. Please give them your patronage as a thank you for their support.
Laurie Chrostowski consultant with Close to My Heart
Vicki Dykstra consultant with Thirty-One
Plastic Surgery Associates
220 Lyon NW Suite 700
Grand Rapids MI 49503-2216

I hope to see you all soon. Thanks for a great weekend!


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Reindeer Scrapbook Page

I'm working on some Christmas pages this week. Used up some miscellaneous red and green papers for these pages and I just love how the little reindeer turned out! The reindeer is from the Create a Critter Cricut cart and the trees are from Doodlecharms. I used Design Studio to morph the trees to the right size for the page.

In my ear: TV, but I'm not sure what's on, it's just background noise at this point

In my glass: Lake Superior highball