Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pop Tab Bracelets

Made my first 2012 Christmas craft this weekend - pop tab bracelets with red and green ribbons. They were a little tricky to start, but easy to finish once we got going. I found the instructions at .
Once the bracelets were just about the right size, we added a little bit of elastic to avoid trying to tie them to our wrists time and time again. Seems to work pretty well!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Crafts

Had a crafty Halloween this year. I'm usually not all crazy for Halloween, but I thought I had a couple cute ideas to try out. Thought being the key word here.
The first idea I would rate as a complete success. I whipped up some spooky drink labels, dropped some black food coloring into lemonade and called it a day.
The second idea, I thought was going to be great. Chocolate covered fruit - half healthy half junky - how could I lose?!? Well these spiders might look OK, but they were a disaster. I stuck chow mein noodles into banana slices. Then I had to freeze them to get the noodles to stay put. Then dipping them in chocolate cooled off the chocolate too fast. Then, while we were waiting to eat them, they started to sweat profusely from all the condensation while the bananas were thawing. And finally, when you bit into them, they were super thawed and fell apart in sort of a banana pudding mess.
I decided dipping food into chocolate isn't my thing.

Happy Halloween!