Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chemo Cap

Haven't had much free time lately, but in those rare moments between work, laundry and sleep - I have managed to knit a cap for a friend who is going through chemo treatments. She's losing her hair and doesn't want to go the wig route, so some of us have knit up hats for her. She's so cute and has such a great attitute about it all. A - you are one tough cookie! :)

I couldn't find a pattern I really liked, but this hat at Knitting Daily http://www.knittingdaily.com/media/p/46502.aspx gave me a good starting point. I wanted something a little airy so that it can be worn indoors without being too hot. Worked the top in moss stitch on size 10 needles, then made a brim in rib stitch on some size 6-s. The nice part about making the brim separate was that I never did do any counting, I just made it long enough to wrap around my head plus a couple inch overlap for the button.

In my ear: Patriot Games - Tom Clancy
Jack Ryan's wife drives a Porsche 911. I'm soooo jealous.

In my glass: Diet Ruby Red Squirt
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