Friday, January 20, 2012

Live with no regrets - mixed media canvas

This past December I finished up a mixed media canvas set that has been taking up ALOT of table space in my craft room. So happy it's done! A couple of you saw the work in progress and I thought you might like a peek at the finished version.
My inspiration - I saw a poster last summer that had a bunch of little sayings all smashed together. The poster itself was pretty boring (brown with white lettering in a variety of fonts) but the phrases were cute. I guess the 'live with no regrets' stuck with me for some reason. 

The smaller two canvases are 11x14" and the larger has to be 24x28" or so. Just the right size for large scrap paper embellishments. I cut 'live' freehand at about 12" tall. The little letters and bird were cut from Cricut carts. The bird I cut up into a bunch of pieces and painted each one for some feathery texture, then added a google-e eye. He's silly looking and I like it.

Lots of layers going on here - paint, paper, foam for added depth under some items, ink around the edges. The 'with no' flags are truly hung on a string so that they can move around. Not that there's a hurricane blowing around in my office, but if there were, those flags could move. I am really happy with the way this turned out with one exception - that's right - with a regret - the canvas is all buckled under the word regret for some reason. How ironic.

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