Thursday, March 31, 2011

ABC Baby Book (#2-3)

Call it OCD or Type A or whatever, but I just can't help my urge for over-organization (is that even a word?). I labeled most of the photo frames in this album so that my sis would know what size to crop her pics to. Yes, she knows how to work a ruler, but I just thought, you know, since she would have a small baby and all, that she might like a quick note on what size would fit in each frame.     
Aren't these little giraffe brads the cutest!

The red frame was cut using Cricut Storybook. I used Cricut Plantin Schoolbook to cut multiple scalloped strips at about a 0.5" tall. Several scalloped strips were lined up along the right side of the page and a little section of scallops was added to the left of the frame too.

In my ear: Michael Buble

In my glass: Mike's light hard cranberry lemonade - makes me thirsty for summer!!


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