Thursday, January 27, 2011

ABC Baby Book (P-Q)

Hear ye, hear ye, I hereby proclaim that the ABC Baby Book has been completed - as a gift for my sis. I couldn't stop with just the alphabet (K&Co had the cutest little number stickers that went with the paper line!) so it took me a little longer than planned. But it's done!! Here are pages P and Q.  

She loved it and I hope she fills it up with lots and lots of pictures of her darling little guy. I'll post more pictures later, got to finish packing for camp!!
In my ear: Hot Six Janet Evanovich

In my glass: Robert Mondavi Private Selection Cabernet Sauvignon (yummmm)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Camp Updates

Woo-hoo camp is less than two weeks away and I think I'm almost ready. I updated my little camper girl for Winter Camp T-shirts. I got a sweet 'Bamboo' drawing tablet for Christmas and can draw and edit on the computer so naturally now. It's AWESOME.

The T-shirts have been ordered and will be delivered next week. Prizes are in and goodie bags are ready. OK, so we have a little dilemma with getting enough tables and I only have one meal planned, but I'm sure everything will all be resolved soon...right??? Just teasing, I'm too much of a perfectionist not to have it done a week ahead of time. That leaves me all next week to sort through a couple hundred pictures and get them printed, oh yeah, and sketch my page layouts!

In my ear: Booty Music - Yes, that's right, I have a Pandora station for Booty Music. It will make you shake your booty.

In my glass: H2O - straight up.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

ABC Baby Book (N-O)

Many thanks to whichever cropper left this cute 'newborn baby' sticker on the swap table at October's Scrap Camp. It was an excellent addition to the N page.
Speaking of camp, I FINALLY had a chance to use my massage gift certificate today. You girls are the best! That was a fabulous gift, I'm so glad I could finally use it. I may have talked the girls ear off, but even so, I felt great at the end of the hour. My hair is sticking straight out from letting her massage my scalp with lotion, but it was soooo worth it.
The shiny ribbon was throwing my camera into fits on the O page. It's really much lighter and prettier in person.
In my ear: Hot Six Janet Evanovich (And yeah, it's HOT!)
In my glass: Sugar Free Swiss Miss with a dash of heavy whipping cream and a shot of peppermint schnapps. Very Cozy.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

ABC Baby Book (L-M)

L is for Love and M for Mommy and Me

This little froggy ribbon was used at my sister's baby shower and I think it went pretty well with the color scheme on these pages.

I cut out all the words using Sure Cuts A Lot and different fonts direct from my computer. I'm halfway through the baby book!

In my ear: High Five Janet Evanovich (I'm loving the unabridged version - free from the library!)
In my glass: Cabernet Sauvignon Robert Mondavi