Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I love you two! - double 12" layout

This page has just enough pink to make it warm and mushy to match the sentiment, but it's not overly girly. (I don't think so anyway :) ) I'm always happier with my final layout if I think my son won't roll his eyes at it when he's 12. He might do that anyway... Oh well!

Start out with the 12" background pages in white.
The green background square is 12 x 9" on the left and 12 x 1" on the right.
The Pink stripe paper is 3 x 12" on the left and 3 x 10" on the right.
There are 2 white frames and 3 gray frames at 4.5 x 6.5"
Other pink paper was cut in a scallop square shape then the sides were trimmed off to make them flat. The rest were literally scraps - cut into words using sure cuts alot. The hearts were cut at various sizes and layered up for some dimension. I stitched them together with a little X using embroidery floss before using glue dots to adhere them to the page.

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