Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Falls 12x12

Here's a page designed for a trip to the falls

Supplies List:
2 - 12x12" background sheets - light brown
12 x 5.5" (left) blue paper
12 x 4" (right) brown polka dot paper
2 - 12 x 2" (top) circle pattern paper
5 x 7" green floral frame
6 x 8" green floral frame
5.25 x 7.25" yellow frame
6.25 x 8.25" yellow frame
Brown frames, (1) 4.25" square, (2) 3.5" square
scrap paper for letters (or sticker letters)
embellishments: arrow die cuts, buttons, circles cut from circle pattern paper, eyelets, chalk, ink, etc

The letters are 2.5 to 3" tall and were made using Sure Cuts Alot™ (SCAL) and a Cricut ™. The fonts are Andalus and CK Buzz. These can be purchased online through sites like

With SCAL, you can cut any true type font from your computer. The other nice feature is the visual display. If you have a small scrap of paper and the letters have to be cut just right, you can resize the letters on the screen to make sure they're sized right before you hit cut.

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