Monday, June 21, 2010

Relax - Easy Scrapbook Pages

This 12x12" double spread holds (4) 4x6" photos and is an easy layout for summer or vacation pics.


The hammock/palm tree pattern was pre-printed (originally a 12x12" sheet). Cut down palm tree paper to 10x10" size and adhere to a piece of 10.25x10.25" sparkly green paper for just a hint of bling around the edge.

Poke holes every 1/4' or so along the bottom edge of the hammock and stitch with brown embroidery floss. Tie the end of the floss around each 'tree' and tie a tag to the right hand tree.

For the four picture mats, cut (4) 6.5x4.5" white mats and (4) 6.25x4.25" orange mats. The words and flowers are strips of scrap paper from the same vacation paper pack.

The letters are a mix of leftover chipboard letters I had hanging around. The R and A are actually Grungeboard (Tim Holtz) that I dabbed with a green ink to match the color palette of the papers.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hello Baby Card

A sweet little card to welcome a sweet little addition.

Card Base: 5.5" x 3.5"
Brown Background: 3.25" x 5.5"
Pink Background: 1"x 5.5" 
Alpha Stickers or cutouts at 2" tall
6" coordinating ribbon
2 buttons and string
index tab style sticker

Cut along the long side of the brown paper with decorative scissors or cut into scallop shape on the Cricut. Sand the edges to coordinate with the distressing on the letter stickers.

For the tab sticker - insert pink paper into the label slot. Write on the paper before you insert it or place stickers on top for 'hello'. Attach tab sticker to the first letter B.

Tie string through buttons. Cut a small 1.5" piece of ribbon and tie it around longer piece of ribbon for faux knot.

Adhere pink paper to lower edge of card. Adhere brown background on top. Adhere ribbon to right hand side. Place BABY stickers onto card. Adhere buttons using glue dots or other stronger adhesive.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Knit Hat - Alpaca Blend Yarn - so soft!

Yeah, I know it's summertime, and a winter hat is the last project you're thinking about. If you've got a long car trip, or for that matter, a long day in a lawn chair planned, summer is a great time for those small knit projects.

For this hat, I used a very soft, very warm alpaca blend yarn  in 'natural' - sort of an off white color - made by Bernat ® (Link to Bernat's Website Here - Alpaca Blend Yarn). One skein worked fine for the hat with plenty of leftover yarn. The pattern is a little more advanced, not that it's hard to do the increasing and decreasing needed for the lace pattern, but because it's tough to keep track of all those rows! Have no fear, if you just want a little lace, see option 2.

needles - size 2 double pointed
tapestry needle
one skein yarn (120 yards)

Finished measurement is 20" around and 7" tall.
Start by casting on 80 stiches on a circular needle or spread out between several double pointed needles.
Rows 1-7 - knit in a 'knit one - purl one' rib for 7 rounds
Row 8 - Repeat this pattern "k 4, knit front and back of 5th stich" so that you end up with 96 stiches on your needles
Rows 9-10 knit
Row 11 - "k, YO, K2tog, YO, SSK, K" repeat to end of round
Row 12 -  "k 2, YO, k2tog, k 2" repeat to end of round
Row 13 -  "YO, k2tog, k2, YO, k2tog" repeat to end of round
Row 14 -  "k2tog, k4, YO" repeat to end of round
Rows 15 - 18 Repeat rows 11-14

Row 19 - "k, YO, K2tog, YO, SSK, K" repeat to end of round
Row 20 - "k 2, YO, k2tog, k2tog" this will begin the decrease at the crown (you should be left with 75 stitches after this round)
Row 21 - "k2tog, YO, k2, YO"
Row 22 - "YO, k2tog, k, k2tog" (60 stitches remain)
Row 23 - "k2, YO, k2tog" repeat to end of round
Row 24 - "k, YO, k2" repeat to end of round
Row 25 - "k2tog, k2tog, YO"  repeat to end of round (45 stitches remain)
Row 26 - "k, YO, k2tog" repeat to end of round
Row 27 - "k2tog, YO, k2tog, k2tog" repeat to end of round (30 stitches remain)
Row 28 - "k2tog, YO, k2tog, k2tog" repeat to end of round (20 stitches remain)
Row 29 - k2tog for entire round (10 stitches remain)
Row 30 - k2tog for entire round (5 stiches remain)
Cut yarn and thread through open loops. Pull very tightly so that the last couple rows of knitting shrink up so they're not so bulky.

Option 2 - not so intense!!
Begin with rows 1-18 above

Row 19 - knit round
Row 20 - "k 4, k2tog" repeat to end of round (75 stitches remain)
Row 21 - knit round
Row 22 - "k 3, k2tog" repeat to end of round (60 stitches remain)
Row 23 - knit round
Row 24 - knit round
Row 25 - "k 2, k2tog" repeat to end of round (45 stitches remain)
Row 26 - knit round
Row 27 - "k, k2tog" repeat to end of round (30 stitches remain)
Row 28 -  k2tog entire round (15 stitches remain)
Row 29 - If you can do it - knit 3 tog for entire round (5 stitches remain) it's not an easy task, but it makes much less of a bump on the top of the hat. Cut yarn and sew through the remaining stiches. (If you can't wrestle through those 3 stitches, just keep k2tog until you are left with 5-6 stitches.)